6 Best Free Online Courses for Web and App Designers

Don’t settle for being a mere worker and improve your skills to possibly start your own business. Build your skills and knowledge with courses that will help you reach higher.  Remember that knowledge is power, so expand your power by taking courses that will help you grow.

Here are six courses in design, digital marketing, and web development to keep web designers up to date.

Learn Layout

At learnlayout.com you can learn everything a professional web designer should know about, as you must have prior knowledge of web design to start a course. They focus on web development with CSS although HTML is not out of the picture. The course completion time is up to you.

6 Best Free Online Courses for Web and App Designers learn layout - 6 Best Free Online Courses for Web and App Designers

Code School

If you do not have prior knowledge of web development, this site is for you. At codeschool.com, learning is fun and easy to do. They have 8 introductory courses that will teach you the foundation to develop your projects without paying others to do it for you.

Alison’s Web Development

Certification is important and alison.com offers you one by taking a full web design course. It consists of 9 sessions where you will learn everything from basic principles to how to build your website. You will learn about HTML language, Adobe Dreamweaver, and CSS.

Webmaking 101

With free and basic content, p2pu.org teaches you the most basic web design tips you should know about. You can go step by step using simple but necessary content to develop the website you want.

You won’t find lots of resources to make dynamic designs. However, there is plenty of free material for beginners.

Code Avengers

On this site, you will find more than 100 lessons ranging from the most basic to the most advanced creation of applications. The content of the courses is very dynamic, and knowledge is broad and easy to grasp.

There is a glossary you should checkto learn words you may not be familiar with. You will learn the basic concepts of HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and the creation of applications.

Don’t Fear the Internet

If you are a web designer and photography professional but don’t have a website that shows your full potential, dontfeartheinternet.com is for you. Appearance is very important and here you will learn about web design creatively.

By completing this course, you’ll become a true, well-rounded web design professional who can do everything by yourself.

There are many free courses and sites where you can learn about web and app development. Today there are no excuses to learn, just do it. You only need a computer and be willing to learn.

Go at your own pace and find the website that suits your way of learning.  You can do it!